• Classes on Natural Solutions

    • Coming up early June, 2024... Reclaim Your Health: Healthy Habits - An fun and engaging local, in-person event focused on elevating your foundational habits.
    • Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 9 pm ET: Pain Free, and Prescription Free, Online Class - Learn about natural, safe, and effective solutions for pain. Explore a whole other set of tools to help ease discomfort on the spot, and compliment, or replace what you currently use. Stay until the end for a raffle!

    • Thursday, January 25, 2024: Live your Most Powerful Life - Your metabolic function influences energy levels, weight management, body composition, cognitive performance, and more. Watch the replay to see how the groundbreaking MetaPWR system can help help you achieve your health goals, and empower you to feel better than ever!

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    The lotus flower is a beautiful symbol of healing, and with a little help, we all have the capacity to heal, and grow into transformed versions of ourselves. For ancient Egyptians, lotus flowers signified immortality because they resprouted after long periods of drought, resilient to the adversity. The lotus flower symbolizes both compassion, and wisdom from experience as represented in the way the flower blooms out of muddy water. Lotus flowers remain closed when it’s dark or cloudy, blooming when the sun appears in the morning. The lotus can produce many flowers from the deep, dark, murky waters, and when one bloom fades, another emerges symbolizing rebirth, and the awakening of the heart.