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    Find out what an essential oil is, why doterra, the best blends, and more!

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    December's Featured eBook!

    In this eBook, you'll learn all about why sleep is so important, and underrated!

    See why so many people use essential oils at bedtime, and how you can create a more restful environment for yourself, and your family.

  • Welcome! We are excited to share doTERRA's gifts of the earth with you, oils you can rely on - pure, safe, and effective.

    Our trust is placed in the pursuit of purity, extensive testing, science, and clinical trials backing these products. As a Mom, microboiologist, and someone who cares about our health, this is integral. We appreciate both the co-impact Sourcing, and humanitarian efforts from the healing hands foundation- sourcing the best, and helping the most. We feel confident to connect you with these pure, natural solutions you can trust to support your positive wellness outcomes.


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    Monthly Specials

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    Stay Evergreen

    Stock up on Black Spruce this month—just as winter blows in. Combine with a carrier oil and massage into the skin for soothing comfort, diffuse for a calming aroma, apply to the skin to help soothe minor skin irritations, or inhale throughout the day to experience a refreshing aroma and promote feelings of easy breathing. This seasonal essential oil is available at 10% off all December while supplies last!

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    The King of Essential Oils

    Along with its calming aroma, Frankincense essential oil provides amazing benefits inside and out. From soothing skincare to cellular support when ingested, you’ll be astounded by what Frankincense has to offer.

    If you’ve never tried this powerhouse product, experience its cleansing benefits and comforting scent this season. Frankincense is free with any single 200 PV order all December while supplies last!

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    Fresh and Festive

    Douglas firs are among the most popular Christmas trees. That’s why you’ll receive a free 5 mL bottle of Douglas Fir and a ceramic pine tree ornament for free when you place a 125 PV or more loyalty order by December 15! Douglas Fir has a fresh, airy aroma that smells like holiday traditions. Diffuse it to create a festive atmosphere or use it in your skincare routine. Place a 125 PV loyalty order on or before December 15th, a free Douglas Fir with a free ceramic pine tree ornament will automatically be added to your order.